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Why B Vegan Paradise? B Vegan Paradise means Belgium is vegan paradise. What? Never heard of it? Me neither. But we can make it so. LOL. Don’t laugh, we have good and serious reasons for this. According to the figures published in Nov. 2017, out all the Western European countries, Belgium is the one where meat consumption has dropped the fastest. Between 2012 and 2016, Belgian meat consumption has dropped by 16.7 %, compared to a mere 1.4 % in the rest of the European Union.

Besides, we should also take food quality into account. Belgium vegan foods definitely stand out among other countries which are famous for their vegan products. This is due to the fact that Belgium has very strict food regulations which force them to produce the best food products. The most well-known example is Belgium chocolate. We also shouldn’t forget that Belgium has very famous cuisine. Shouldn’t we call Belgium vegan paradise from now on?

Second reason for B Vegan Paradise, Beet is good for Vegan Paradise. I love beet so much both in my vegetable garden and in my kitchen. Beet is not only a super food, but you can always use it in the kitchen with unbelievable variations. Luckily it’s also a vegetable that is less trouble to take care of, and it can also tolerate certain coldness during the dark winter period. You can almost use them all year around.

Third reason is Buddhism Vegan Paradise. This is the reason why I create this website, as I haven’t encounter on earth speak out for groups with the same background. Buddhist (vegetarian) veganism doesn’t consume any plant from alliums plants including onions, shallots, garlic, leek, spring onions etc. Allium family plants are widely used here in Europe, it’s so difficult to find food when I dine out or eat together with my friends even when they cook in their own kitchen. In the Buddhism sutra, it said Allium plants smell bad and make people emotional.


Scientifically speaking, the fact is many people are allergic to alliums. I used to compromise myself by eating allium plants when dining out here in Europe, as I think I won’t have any alternative. After practicing meditation, I’ve noticed the difference is so significant that I lost my power and feel miserable for weeks. What have I done? Where is my original energy? Then I realized I had a little bite of onions or garlic in my pizza or hamburger.

Gradually I learned to know a couple of people suffering from eating these plants. Some of them have the same symptoms stomach pain, others having vomiting, shaking, even hallucinating. Oh, I am not alone. I am no vampire, but very often I felt myself like an alien. We said, a real vegan speaks out for the voiceless, that’s the reason I create this B Vegan Paradise to speak out for human beings who have an intolerance to alliums.

Another reason about Buddhism Vegan Paradise is a real vegan shouldn’t/ promoting, selling and or consuming alcohol. It has nothing to do with if the processes of wine making are plants based or not. This is because we should care about human beings safety and life. Alcohol consuming has high relation with drinking and driving, drugs, violence and crimes.


As reported by Ewa-May Karlsson (ALDE, SE) , European Committee of the Regions rapporteur on the new alcohol strategy, around 25 per cent of all fatal car accidents relate to drink driving while an estimated five to nine million children living in families adversely affected by alcohol, suffer from worse health and educational opportunities. Additionally, 20 to 25 per cent of all workplace accidents involve people under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is the biggest risk factor in the overall burden of diseases for people aged 15 to 49, leading to a sobering statistic of €155.8bn worth of direct social costs stemming from alcohol related harm.

Do we really realize how much does this amount of money mean for us? If there’s no such social cost amount to €155.8bn, all EU residents can go swimming once a week for free and have a nice vegan salad bowl for free per month.

If being vegan means caring about animals, it’s time for all of us to take action for caring about human beings.

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