Green Balls Tacos with Green Zebra Tomatoes

When it comes to making recipes, I like to play with colours. Maybe it has something to do with my childhood when I was so into making paintings. I think in the kitchen it’s also fun to make something colourful and tasty as well.

In fact, I’ve already posted green balls tacos before back to Feb. last year. However in the deep winter I couldn’t get any green tomatoes making this meal kind of ‘unfinished’. This year, I tried to grow green tomatoes again, and luckily I have a few to harvest.

Green zebra tomato is one of the sorts that I grow again and again. It has a mild flavour even though it’s ‘green’. I offered them to my family when they visited me some years ago. They are surprised by its flavour when they taste it as they thought green tomatoes must taste very sour.

I always try to grow different colours of tomatoes including this green zebra. There are in fact other kinds of green tomatoes that I can grow, but due to lack of experience I don’t always succeed. I’ve tried to grow green grapes, which has nice flavour as well but I don’t always have a harvest. One of the reasons is because my plants were stolen last year. This green grape tomato is small which also makes it more difficult to use for the cuisine. I prefer eating it as snack. Another green tomato is called green lime, which I’ve never tried yet. So I can’t give any comment.

As for the green zebra, it has to be grown inside the green house. From my own experience they get blight very easily, so can’t be grown outdoors. The yield is modest. The funny thing is green zebra is considered as a green tomato but in fact the colour changes to yellowish when it’s ripe. Another sign to check if it’s ripe is to touch it to see if it gets soft.

If you have no garden or allotment, you can also just buy them from the shop or farmers market sometimes. When I make this dish, I only get 2 tomatoes ready from my garden which is not enough for this meal. So I bought 2 more from the bio shop.

Back to the green balls tacos, this meal is very simple to make. Unfortunately I can’t find any tarragon (also known as estragon) at that time to make tomato salad even though I’ve checked several different shops. It’s a pity because tarragon and tomatoes are a very good combination. An old friend still remembered this salad made by my husband almost 20 years ago when she ate it. Since I can’t get tarragon, I replaced it with coriander.

To get the ingredient right might be difficult, but the process is very simple.


For green balls

Edamame 500 grams pealed

White miso 4 tbs.

Olive Oil 3 tbs.

Salad leaves

Taco bread

Tomato salad

Green zebra tomatoes or any kind 4 chopped

Tarragon (or coriander) 15 grams

Olive oil 1 tbs.

Step by Step

Steam the Edamame beans for about 10 mins. Pour with cold water to cool them down so that later you can make balls with your hands. Then put them in the food processor together with white miso and olive oil. Blend it until smooth. It’s about 2 tbs. amount of green paste to make one ball. Place some salad leaves at the bottom of the taco bread, then put the balls on it.

As for the tomato salad, mix chopped green zebra with tarragon leaves and olive oil. Spread it on top of the green balls.

That’s it. Bon appetit.

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