Heavenly Food, Pea Shoots Noodles

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Pea shoots with fried tofu noodles without any onions, garlic, shallot etc. any alliums family plants. It's so easy to prepare, especially suitable for a lazy early summer day.

Pea shoots with stir fried tofu without alliums

Many people are asking how to replace onions, garlic, shallot etc. plants. The thing is just don’t think about how to replace it. Purely don’t use it, and you will get really a happy surprise. Here is one very good example. Pea shoot noodles.

The only challenge of preparing this dish is you might need to grow your own first. Or you might be able to find it from a local farmers market. Well, unfortunately here in Ghent, Belgium, I couldn’t find something like this. In fact, there are two kinds; one is baby pea shoots, which you can harvest when it’s about 15 cm. Another is young pea leaves, from which you pick the leaves when the plant is about 30 cm. In this dish, I use the second type of shoots. You might complain to me that it’s too difficult to get even just a handful of shoots. Yes, you are completely right. That’s why it’s heavenly food.

Pea shoots are the best vitamin source during the dark winter season and good to use in the early spring

Once you really get a handful of fresh pea shoot, you can celebrate.


Noodles or spaghetti

A handful of pea shoots

A piece of tofu; cut into small pieces

Tomato; cut into small pieces

Sesame oil; about a tea spoon

Sun flower oil; a little cup

Vegetarian oyster sauce; also about a tea spoon or two.

Step by Step:

1. Boil water until it is really boiling. Add your favorite noodles. Mine is Taiwanese noodles Guan Miao noodles (關廟麵) or spaghetti.

2. Stir the noodles, so it won’t stick together. Now wait for a few minutes.

3. Add any kind of plant based oil to your frying pan. Stir fry the tofu until it is fried on all sides.

4. Use a filter to separate the water and noodles. Pour hot water into a container first, because we are vegan we don’t want to hurt any even tiny live whose living somewhere in the pipe that we cannot see.

5. Add a tea spoon of sesame oil to the noodles, and add the pea shoots. Mix it well.

6. Add fried tofu and tomato to the noodles.

7. Add vegetarian oyster sauce to your noodles bowl. Mix them well.

I know you'll say, this pea shoots noodles is so simple. Yes, it's so simple.

This is definitely authentic Asian food, but it’s hard for you to find it from the restaurant. It’s because pea shoots are such precious vegetables to find from the local market.

So you have your day, if you can get this dish. The preparation is really simple. Enjoy your meal.

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