Taco’s with green balls.

Taco with green balls which is not just beautiful but also healthy. These balls are made with edamame and coriander. So Yummy!

So I finally made my version of taco’s. This version is not inspired by Taiwanese cuisine, but by western with oriental ingredients. Personally I like this recipe very much as it’s so versatile and so simple to make. In half an hour, the meal is ready to serve. And it’s healthy and green.

This taco is made with edamame and (white) miso. You just need to boil edamame and then put these beans into the blender together with some olive oil and miso. This time I added coriander as well. It’s so tasty. For the leftovers, you can use them as spread on bread, or as pesto on pasta or noodles. So yummy.


Edamame 300 grams

Coriander 70 grams

Miso 3 tbs.

Olive Oil 2 tbs.

Salad leaves

Taco bread

Step by step

First boil Edamame in water, then put them in your food processor. Add all ingredients mentioned above to your food processor as well. Coriander needs to be chopped. It takes a few minutes until these ingredients are fully blended.

We don’t need to add any flour in this recipe since miso is sticky and it can hold the green paste together. It’s about 2 tbs. amount of green paste to make a ball. In total, you should be able to have 15 green balls. I made in total 12, and have some leftover for later.

Place some salad leaves you desire to eat on taco bread, then add three balls per serving. It’s done.

Enjoy your meal.

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