Today’s Meal: Dragon Shaped Ratatouille with Aubergine Tempura

This is what happened when an ambitious giant aubergine meets an ambitious eater: a dragon shaped ratatouille.

This is definitely the most impressive, cheapest, easiest and tastiest dishes to make. My husband even said this is one of the most delicious foods he’s ever eaten in his life.

You won’t go wrong with ratatouille. When I was making this dish I was afraid I would break it, but it didn’t happen. It’s really cheap to make and you can impress your guests or family.

Here is the recipe for ratatouille


Aubergine (normal size is good)

Courgette (normal size is also good)


Olive Oil or any other oil which is good for roasting

Salt and pepper

Rosemary (optional)

Vegan cheese (optional)

Step by Step

Cut the aubergine as thin as you can or 0.5 cm wide to nearly at the bottom.

Cut the courgette into thin slices, and the same for the tomatoes.

Add salt and pepper as well as rosemary into olive oil.

Put courgette and tomatoes slices into your sliced aubergine.

Use a kitchen basting brush to spread oil around the filled aubergine.

Place it in the oven and bake it for about 40-45 minutes at 250 degrees Celsius. The duration of time might differ according to your location and kitchen equipment.

Put vegan cheese on top of your ratatouille when it is almost ready.

Aubergine tempura is always my favorite when I eat in a falafel place.

Aubergine Tempura


1 normal sized aubergine

1 cup of vegan tempura flour

1 cup of water

1/8 tsp. of salt

Sun flower oil or any other oil which is suitable for frying

Aubergine sliced to a thickness of around 0.7 cm

Use a food processer to mix tempura flour and water until it is fully mixed.

Put the aubergine slices into the tempura mix.

Add salt into the oil in the frying pan in order to prevent you from getting burnt from the oil.

Deep fry the aubergine slices until the color turns yellow.

Another angle of this dragon shaped ratatouille with aubergine tempura.

It’s done. Having a nice meal is just so simple. So now what should we start to eat first?

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