Today's Meal: Hummus with Lemon flavor

Hummus made from sorrels has lovely lemon's flavor which I've tasted before.

I found a recipe that I wanted to try immediately, which is Hummus with “sorrels”. Sorrels, not nettle, were my biggest pain when I took over my plot 2 years ago. To be honest, I got hurt by nettles so often, that I barely feel it now when I touch it accidently. Sorrels are the cultivated vegetable from the weed normally called “dock”. It has very long and complicated woody roots that take you a lot of energy to dig out of the soil. After digging 30 cm deep, often you will see the woody root split into two parts, so that you just can’t clean it out completely.

I decided to give it a try in order to make sure I have fresh greens to harvest, even in the dark and cold winter. It’s strange. It seems the seeds take very long to sprout, and the sprouting rate is lower as well. I didn’t succeed for the first year. I tried again last year. The plant was small, and from spring to the summer, the leave production was poor. On top of that, it was eaten by pests. Only until some days ago, I noticed the dramatic differences - those leaves turned out to be big and lovely. This is my first happy harvest.

I use blood vine sorrels as I always like to try something a little bit different from tradition. This is the first time I have such a nice harvest from my plot.


50 g sorrel leaves

250 g chickpeas (I used those from the can)

60 ml Tahin (white sesame paste)

Peel from 1 grated lemon

1 ½ tbsp. fresh lemon juice

½ tsp. fine sea salt plus some water

1 ½ tsp. maple syrup or honey, or sugar with water

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. goji berries (optional)

55 ml water

Cut sorrels into smaller pieces if you use a smaller food processor. Add sorrel leaves, chickpeas, Tahin, grated lemon peel, lemon juice and sea salt, honey, olive oil and goji berries into your food processor. Blend it at the highest speed, until it gets smooth.

In this recipe I couldn’t find Tahin made from white sesame seeds, thus the color looks a bit messy. I like to use goji berry in my kitchen to improve our health condition. Goji is widely used in Asian countries like where I am originally from, Taiwan. It fits quite well with hummus.

Today's meal: sorrels hummus, oven fries and courgette soup.

As for the result, I am not satisfied with the color. The flavor on the other hand is just wonderful. With this amount of ingredients, you get a really big amount of hummus. I stored it in a jar and serve the rest for our lunch, as I eat a very big lunch everyday instead of dinner. I thought it will take several days to consume, but to my surprise my husband really loves it. I finished what I served today.

As for the very green soup, it’s also to my surprise that the color turned so green. It is courgette soup harvested from our plot. I only blended it with shiitake. The taste is pure and sweet. It is so simple to replace alliums.

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