Today’s Meal: Hasselback Potato with Courgette Burger

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Oven Chips with Courgette Burger

Normally our kitchen is empty on Friday, but not today. We just harvested 14 Kg of potatoes and 3 giant courgettes recently. How should I prepare the potatoes? It’s always so nice to eat a meal prepared at home, making it difficult to dine out as I always find home grown vegetables are the best.

I love growing potatoes of the Charlotte variety. It’s the second earliest variety meaning that you can harvest them before the late blight arrives. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they get no crops when growing main crop potatoes if no spray is used. I appreciate learning from Charles Dowding’s books and posts on his website, that Charlotte’s roots are resistant to blight. With “no dig” technique, which I learned from him, we have a good harvest.

Charlotte can be used for every day. I think I agree with this. I like its sweetness.

Today, I cut potatoes carefully to just before the bottom, with 0,5 cm slices. The same like in the previous post, I steamed them for 5 minutes, and then I added olive oil mixed with salt and rosemary before I sent them to the oven. I baked them at 250 degrees Celsius.

I cut the round courgette into 1-1,5 cm thick, and then put olive oil and salt on them.

I then grillled them in my grill pan for 3-5 minutes, until the slices changed color.

Finally I grilled sliced Seitan in my grill pan. I put a little bit of sweet soy sauce on top of the Seitan.

Potatoes chips with Courgette burger decorated with swiss chard and rosemary

That’s how I got my lovely lunch. My husband is the happiest. He’s happy that I start to work on my website, and I am happy that I can combine daily life with my work.

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