Today’s Meal: Smiling Fried Rice with Beetroot and Peas

Fried Rice with smiling face in the middle. Morning glory, beetroot, French beans, carrot, sugar snaps, beetroot sprouts, fried shitake, sweet corn and yellow little tomatoes as side dishes

I am back to work today after my family visited us. It’s a pity that I didn’t have time to prepare nice food for them to taste, as we spent a lot of time outside. Nevertheless, they enjoyed the most pleasant weather of Belgium, no rain and no heatwave.

I showed them Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges. For me personally, the most touching moment was when we were all in the Vleeshuis museum in Antwerp, with the privilege of my father-in-law, who’s the best Forte Piano builder in Belgium, my nephew was able to play an instrument he renovated. I saw his face focusing on the instrument’s health status so much while my nephew was playing music, I had tears in my heart. Through the beauty of art, that’s the way we communicated. It’s the best moment I had with my family of both sides.

Today I am not feeling well, so I told myself that I will just prepare something very “simple”, that’s fried rice for me. Luckily enough, we had a very big harvest yesterday evening from our own allotment, so I get a lot more side dishes. In the end, I made a plate of smiling face fried rice, I don’t know what people will think.

Below I’ll talk about how I make fried rice and fried shiitake.


Main Course





Oil (here I used olive oil)


Miso (optional)

Vegetarian oyster sauce or sweet soy sauce

Side Dish

Morning Glory ( Water Spinach)

Sugar Snap

French Beans


Sweet corn


Beetroot sprouts

Wild Yellow Tomato

Dry Shiitake


Step by Step

Add a cup of rice and a cup of water into the rice cooker.

Peel the beetroot and cut it into small pieces, and then add that to the rice cooker as well.

When the rice and beetroot are cooked, put them in a container. Add oil into the big bowl, and mix them good.

Add oil miso and a very small amount of salt into the frying pan. Pour mixed rice and oil into the frying pan. Then we put pea and basil in the pan as well. Mix them well for about 5 minutes.

At last, add vegetarian oyster sauce or sweet soy sauce and mix them well.

Voila, here you have very colorful fried rice.

As for the Fried Shiitake:

Soak shiitake in warm water and wait for half an hour until you are able to cut it.

Cut the shiitake into small pieces.

Add oil, a very small amount of salt and miso into the frying pan.

Put the cut shiitake into the frying pan.

Add about half cup of water, then add vegetarian oyster sauce or sweet soy sauce. After the water has evaporated, it’s done.

This is another version of smiling face fried rice

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