Today’s Meal: This is not a pipe, nor a pie. Surrealist Mashed potatoes

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Orange mashed potatoes with a shape of pipe on the top.

Today I am not in the mood of writing, maybe it’s because I am fully occupied by vegan foodie images. I am thinking about what to cook for the next few days. I’ve got some ideas, and I need to harvest my ingredients first. Please note that it doesn’t mean that I am eating all the time. Normally I don’t eat dinner.

I always like to play with color when it comes to foods. I grow colorful vegetables that normally Belgians don’t, even though I bought those seeds from their local organic seeds’ provider. How strange is that? Until one day, I was reading a gardening book from a famous French writer, from his joy of showing colorful radishes I suddenly realised that when it comes to Asian vegetables, I am also keen to grow those I used to eat, “normal” Asian vegetables.

This morning my husband said to me that he would like to eat our home grown potatoes. How should I make potatoes everyday with different ideas? I decided to make mashed potatoes with beetroot which looks like a pie. Making such a kind of meal is like an adventure, you never know what kind of color you would get.

The most difficult part for me is to make colorful puree really smooth. In theory, it’s very simple.


Mashed Potatoes


Beetroot (for coloring)

Olive oil or vegan butter



Chia Seeds


French Beans

Goji Berries



Step by Step

Cut potatoes and Beetroot into small pieces. In this case, you don’t need a lot of beet, as its main purpose is to dye.

Steam potatoes and Beetroot at the same tim

Use a food processor to blend and mix potatoes and beetroot, before doing this don’t forget to add oil and salt. Now just wait until it is perfectly mixed.

In order to get the pie shape, I put orange puree into this round cake pan.

My husband who’s from an artist family says to me that my drawing of the pipe can be improved, if he can help me next time when I do it. That’s great. It’s a nice and pleasant journey to explore the unknown. And it is really fun.

This is not a pipe nor a pie.

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