Vegan Chocolate Cake

What kind of breakfast do you like? Sweet or savoury? Recently we are craving vegan chocolate cake as breakfast; because I am on a month of fasting where I don’t eat anything after lunch except for water. We have so much to eat at home, we eat everything we have for breakfast. I feel good and I lost some weight this way, even though I eat chocolate cake for several days in a row.

I don’t know if there’s a country where eating chocolate isn’t allowed for breakfast. In Taiwan, where I am originally from we can eat both sweet and savoury items for breakfast. Or you could say anything can be the breakfast: noodle soup, cold noodles, rice balls, rice with spicy tofu, dumplings, pan-fried buns, clay oven rolls with fried bread stick and sushi etc. If you stay in a big hotel, sometimes you can even find fries being served for breakfast. Unfortunately I haven’t found vegan sandwiches, and pancakes in Taiwan from the local restaurants.

In Taiwan you can even have fries as breakfast.
Breakfast in Taiwan

My favourite breakfast is bamboo noodle soup from the local market in a little village in the middle of Taiwan. It’s pity that they only serve that dish at the end of the year when bamboo is available. It’s the most delicious breakfast in Taiwan, maybe because I am now living in Belgium and can only travel back to Taiwan after Christmas for a couple of weeks. And now with the pandemic, I don’t know when will be the next time I can crave that dish.

Belgium is completely different than Taiwan. There are a lot of strict rules concerning what to eat at what time. For example although waffles are famous in Belgium, they normally don’t eat that for breakfast. Waffles are a dessert which can only be eaten in the afternoon before 18:00 in a café or restaurant. For breakfast, it’s bread with spreads, and (vegan) cheese. But you can have chocolate cake for breakfast here in Ghent in a vegan café called Full Circles Café. We had vegan chocolate cake in that café a couples of times, and we find that our home made chocolate cake tastes just like the one from the café. In fact, we’ve made this chocolate cake a few times, and the recipe has never failed. So if you can’t visit Ghent, you can still taste chocolate as good as from the shop.


Use two bowls:

bowl 1 (dry):

- 2 cups flour

- 3/4 cup cacao powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1 1/2 cup sugar (I've used just 1 cup as well)

bowl 2 (liquid):

1/2 cup soya yoghurt (one Alpro cup is actually 1/2 cup, it's fine if it has some flavor)

1/2 cup oil (I use sunflower oil, but any plant oil will do I think)

1 1/2 cup water

Step by Step

Put the ingredients in their respective bowls, and using a flexible spoon mix them by hand.

Then, pour the liquid mix into the dry mix and use a flexible spoon to mix them by hand (don't use an electronic mixer, mix them as little as is needed). Make sure all the flour and cacao is mixed in - it can get stuck at the bottom of the bowl (hence the flexible spoon).

I like to bake it in two parts, in a round shape. That makes it a little lighter and easier for the baking soda to make it rise (since it only has to rise half as high).

Then I combine the two halves with some orange marmalade and vegan hazelnut paste in the middle.

Bake each half for 25 minutes at 170° (use an oven thermometer).

For the chocolate topping:


1 tbsp of (vegan) butter

90 g of dark chocolate

Step by Step

Melt the dark chocolate and vegan butter au bain marie. Pour it on top of the chocolate cake and wait for it to become hard again.

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