Vegan Fritter with Green Ball

Vegan Fritter made from courgette, potatoes, beetroot and carrots.

September is the season that we have too many courgettes aka zucchinis and potatoes for many gardeners. How to eat them in the different way? Vegan fritter is one of the answers.


1 normal sized courgette

2 normal sized potatoes

One half of a beetroot

1 carrot

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Step by Step

Peel the potatoes and steam them until they’re ready.

Grate the courgette and set it aside.

Peel the beetroot and grate it as well. Then set it aside.

Peel the carrot and grate it as well, just like what you did to beetroot.

Mix steamed potatoes, grated courgette, beetroot and carrots carefully, because potatoes might still be very hot.

Add salt and pepper to the mix.

Use your hand or a tool to make the mix mentioned above into cookie shapes.

Fry your cookies in the frying pan.

Vegan fritter shot from the top.

Green ball




Salt and pepper

Step by Step

Steam potatoes. When the potatoes are halfway done add the broccoli to the steamer. Take them out. Mash the potatoes and broccoli together. Add salt and pepper. Make the mashed little balls with a spoon or other tool.

Voila, now you have this super easy, healthy and beautiful dish.

Here you are. A plate of nutritious and delicious foods.

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