Super Easy Pancakes aka Crêpes Made From Green Vegetables

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Vegan pancakes which are made from green leaves, no any food color is used.

My nephew who is aged 4 asked me if it is difficult to put color in his coloring book. It’s like a psychiatric question, if my answer is that it is simple then he would say it’s boring, but if the answer is opposite then I can’t encourage him to get to know the fun of coloring. Day and night, what’s staying in my head is not just to make food, but food coloring: how I can get all kinds of color from natural ingredients. After several tries with beetroot to dye the color of food, today I want to live in a more “green way” lifestyle. Let’s make a green pancake, the vegan version of course.

In my garden, those invasive wasabi arugulas are growing everywhere so that I can’t clean them in one go. I think I will just leave them there until they are killed by winter frost. This way, I don’t need to do anything, just pick up some fresh leaves once in a while. It’s very hot and spicy just exactly like wasabi after the first bite. How to eat them? I am curious about the flavor, not just the color, if I make them as pancake. After all, I have so many of them.

The most difficult part when I was making these pancakes is we are running out of the flour at our place. Before I only use normal flour to make cake. Today my husband went to buy pancake flour mix from the bio shop near by our place. It works with normal flour, really.


Pancake flour mixed 300 g

Wasabi arugula 75 g (you can replace with wild arugula as well)

Soy milk 600 ml

Vegg egg 3 tsp. (you can replace with corn starch)

Okara (optional. It’s leftover from making soymilk and/or tofu.)

Vegan butter/ oil (I used sunflower oil today)

Step by Step

It’s really very simple. Just throw everything described above into your blender until it becomes very smooth.

Warm up your frying pan with vegan butter or oil.

Add a cup of this pancake batter into your frying pan. Move your frying pan to evenly spread the batter.

Wait about 2 minutes. Flip the pancake over.

Above is the basic green pancake.

As for the topping, I made aubergine with mushrooms as we have some aubergines just ripening right now in our little farm.


Aubergine (normal size 1)

Mushrooms 200 g.


Vegetarian oyster sauce

Goji Berries, a few of them

Sunflower oil



Step by Step

Cut ginger into little slices.

Cut aubergine into small pieces.

Add oil to your frying pan, a pinch of salt to prevent you from getting burnt.

Sauté sliced ginger for a minute or two. Add mushrooms into your frying pan and wait for a minute.

Add a cup of water into your frying pan.

Add sliced aubergine into your frying pan, then wait for a few minutes. Stir fry when necessary.

Add basil leaves into your aubergine dish.

Add vegetarian oyster sauce.

Add about 10 goji berries into your dish.

Voila. It’s done.

You can even make sushi rolls from them. The flavor of wasabi rucola fits perfect with nori.

Making wraps add extra flavour to these pancakes.

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